June 14, 2012 Raymond

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of altered consciousness (awareness) in which a person is capable of internalizing thoughts and suggestions for the purpose of manifesting desired emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual change.  Hypnosis automatically occurs anytime an individual becomes deeply relaxed and/or highly focused.  Generally, a hypnotized person has greater awareness of sensations and surroundings.  During the hypnosis session, the client generally hears and remembers most of what the hypnotist speaks.  Therefore, the client can remain in control of his/her actions and feel safe throughout the session.  Hypnosis assists a person to become more inclined to do things he/she wants to do, but virtually never makes a person behave against their own belief systems.

Historically,  in 1958 the American Medical Association recognized hypnosis, when performed through a certified facilitator, can substantially result in positive health benefits being an alternative to traditional medicine.  Hypnosis has come along way since then and is used today in a complimentary manner to traditional medicine.  For example, it is used in hospitals across the nation for pain management during surgeries and child birthing.  And today, dental offices are implementing hypnosis for stress reduction, pain management, and to reduce other complications. 

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